OSINT tools


cewl [options] <url>
Example: cewl -m 6 -w megacorp-cewl.txt www.megacorpone.com
-d = depth to spider, default 2
-m = minimum word length, default 3
-w = write the output to file, include file name
-c = count, show word count for each word entry
-v = verbose


  • Metadata search tool that can search, download and analyze all documents on a domain and provide a list of metadata

  • Metadata often includes users, directories, printers, emails, passwords, operating systems/software and servers


  • From the site: "Hunter lets you find professional email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business."


OSINT framework



  • Module based framework for web information gathering

  • Run tool (Kali): recon-ng

  • Search available modules: marketplace search $keyword

  • Learn about available modules: marketplace info $modulename

  • Add a module: marketplace install module

  • Load module: modules load $modulename

    • Display required parameters: info

    • Configure options: options set $option

    • Execute module: run

  • Information from each module used is stored in a database

    • Exit module: back

    • Display information: show


  • Allows searching for computers and IoT devices

  • May reveal items that should be in scope but were not included by the client

  • Search by client name; devices outside the client's IP range are likely managed by third parties

Social media tools

  • Social-Searcher - a search engine for social media sites

  • Twofi - scans a user's Twitter feed and generates wordlists

  • linkedin2username - a script for generating username lists based on LinkedIn data


  • Gathers emails, names, subdomains, IP addresses, and URLs from multiple search engines

  • Run with (Kali): Theharvester -d cisco.com -b google

    • -d: specifies the target domain

    • -b: specifies which data source to search

whois enumeration

  • Regular lookup: whois somesite.com

  • Reverse lookup: whois $ipaddress

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