53 - DNS


Note: Many of the techniques accomplished below can also be accomplished using DNS repositories, such as DNSdumpster.com


nslookup $domain.com
nslookup $ipaddress (reverse lookup)


Basic syntax: dig @<nameserver> somesite.com options
dig somesite.com -t any (all available records)
dig somesite.com -t mx (mx records only)
dig somesite.com -t axfr (zone transfer)
dig -x $ipaddress (reverse lookup)


Host www.somesite.com (web server)
Host -t ns somesite.com (nameservers)
Host -t mx somesite.com (mail servers)
host -l <domain name> <dns server address> (zone transfer)

Automated tools


dnsrecon -d somesite.com -t axfr
dnsrecon -r CIDR (reverse DNS lookup of net block)
-d: used to specify domain name
-r: IP range for reverse lookup
-t: used to specify the type of enumeration
    Common types include:
    std - SOA, NS, A, AAAA, MX and SRV
    axfr - test all nameservers for zone transfer
    brt - brute force domains and hosts using a given dictionary


dnsenum $domain.com

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