Search Engine OSINT

Search Engine Operators

Search engine OSINT is a collection of techniques that use search strings and operators to refine search queries. There are numerous useful operators that can be used to search for specific information about a site, domain, or company. These operators will differ for various search engines, the examples below apply specifically to Google.
  • AND includes all specified keywords in query (cyber AND war)
  • OR searches for the presence of one keyword or another (cyber OR war)
  • " " searches for a specific pattern of words
  • Site limits searches to a single domain.
  • Filetype limits searches to a specified file type. filetype:php
    • You can also exclude specific file types using -filetype:html
  • Ext is useful to identify which programming languages are used on the site. ext:jsp, ext:cfm, ext:pl
  • Intext identifies pages with specific terms in the content of the page intext:"term to search for"
  • Intitle identifies pages with specific titles or content. intitle:"index of" or "parent directory"
  • Inurl searches for specific terms in a URL inurl:"keyword
  • Cache searches Google's cached pages.