111 - NFS

Network File System

NFS is a distributed file system protocol for sharing over a network. Often used with UNIX operating systems and is predominantly insecure in its implementation. Portmapper and RPCbind both listen on port 111 and redirects clients to appropriate ports, often TCP 2049.

Scan with nmap or use NSE scripts to locate NFS shares

nmap -v -p 111
nmap -sV -p 111 --script=rpcinfo


nmap -p 111 --script nfs* $RHOST
nmap -sV -p 111 --script=rpcinfo $RHOST
nmap -p 111 --script nfs*
rpcinfo -p $targetip
rpcbind $targetip

Mounting shares

showmount --exports $target_ip
mount -o nolock $target_ip:/ /mnt
If files aren't readable, you may be able to create a new user, then use sed to change the UUID of the user to match the requirements (su username)